Clariness partners with an innovative asthma app focused on environmental triggers, DailyBreath, to bring more trials to patients with respiratory conditions - Clariness

Clariness partners with an innovative asthma app focused on environmental triggers, DailyBreath, to bring more trials to patients with respiratory conditions

Published by Joseph Yeomans on 08 July 2022

Joseph Yeomans
VP Marketing
[email protected]

July 8, 2022

The global patient recruitment specialist Clariness today announces its partnership with DailyBreath, a health app designed to educate patients of environmental triggers for respiratory conditions.

Berlin/Hamburg, Germany – Clariness, a leading global patient recruitment organization, has partnered with DailyBreath, an asthma app focused on environmental triggers, to bring more trials to patients, and further both parties’ understanding of their respiratory symptoms experience.

The DailyBreath app, available via Google Play or in the App Store, provides members (registered users) with data regarding environmental conditions that can impact their asthma, such as pollution, weather and other factors. It also allows members to report symptoms and engage with one another, to share experiences and contribute broadly to an understanding of how environmental factors impact them individually, and collectively, the community, at large.

Through this new partnership, members of DailyBreath will be given access to clinical trials via the app, aligning them with clinical trials supported by Clariness. “We’re dedicated to helping people with asthma breathe easier, and this partnership offers our members a chance to find new treatments which can help them do exactly that.” said Eric Klos, Founder and CEO of DailyBreath.

“We’re proud to be expanding our list of technological partnerships, each one brings us one step closer to providing patients with access to new treatments and therapies across the globe.” Commented Michael Stadler, Co-Founder and CEO of Clariness.

In addition to providing more access to clinical trials, Clariness will use the self-reported data associating symptoms with environmental impact to further advance its patient insights. This data, in conjunction with its own Clinlytics and survey insights, will allow Clariness to provide better information to patients, sites and sponsors.

Clariness has been building partnerships with Healthtech, healthcare and patient organizations since 2005, to increase clinical trial awareness and participations across the globe. These partnerships act as channels to drive patient referrals, and span multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, dermatology, and respiratory, to name a few.

About Clariness

Clariness offers pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs) and study centers worldwide high-quality services across the entire clinical trial lifecycle, including study feasibility, patient recruitment and patient retention.

Its mission is to improve patients’ lives by accelerating the development of medical treatments and therapies. With more than 17 years of experience, Clariness is the leading expert in global patient recruitment. Clariness has a market-leading patient portal, ClinLife®, which is active in more than 50 countries, available in more than 35 languages, and covers more than 80 indications. Each year, 15 million people worldwide visit ClinLife.

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About DailyBreath

DailyBreath is an environmental health intelligence and asthma wellness platform leveraging its asthma app, DailyBreath-Asthma&Allergies, available via Google Play or in the App Store, to a potential 350 million people worldwide with asthma to track THEIR symptoms to pinpoint their triggers.

DailyBreath, LLC is a cloud-based SAAS company delivering personalized environmental insights for better asthma outcomes. Our mission is to help everyone breathe easier by pinpointing triggers one symptom at a time. Our vision is a world where uncertainty, fear, and suffering associated with exposure to pollutants, allergens, and weather conditions is lessened for those with asthma and allergies.

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