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We’re dedicated to improving patients’ lives, by accelerating the development of new medical therapies.

A proven track record of delivering over 25,000 randomizations


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Enroll the patients you need

Having supported 1,200+ global studies, across 100+ indications, we’re confident that we can expedite your patient recruitment and enrollment to your satisfaction, with minimal financial risk to you.

Clariness comes to the rescue for biotech firm

Transparent and professional

Project Manager, Biotech Company, Vienna, Austria

Clariness completed the setup of the campaign within just one week and managed the trial for the remaining recruitment period.

Clariness helps Berlin’s largest pharma company overcome startup hurdles

Effective collaboration

Project Manager, Berlin’s largest Pharma company

The initial problems we encountered before partnering with Clariness were quickly overcome, thanks to our close and enjoyable collaboration with Clariness. In the meantime, Germany has become the leading recruiter of patients for this study.

Recruitment phase reduced by 8 months for global healthcare company

Valuable tools

Clinical Research Study Leader, Global Healthcare Company headquartered in Switzerland

Since the start of their participation in the trial, Clariness has referred 55% of all randomized patients – reducing recruitment time by approximately 8 months.

Patient insights to ensure you avoid costly study delays and amendments

Use a data-driven approach to develop your protocol and choose the right regions and sites.

Help your sites unlock their full potential with our study creatives

We can equip your sites with the materials to recruit to their maximum potential.

  • Give your study an identity, which boosts recall and referrals via HCPs
  • Drive enrollment through patient-friendly informational and educational materials
  • If you have a limited online study presence, you will have limited patient reach

How we deliver patient diversity

By collaborating with community organizations, targeted outreach and education, we strive to increase access to clinical trials for underrepresented groups and improve health outcomes for all.

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