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At Clariness we offer a diverse portfolio of services that can support your study start to finish. Find out how exactly we can help you with your next clinical trial.

  • Doctors planning a successful study

    Study Feasibility

    Other recruitment companies base predictions on estimates or opinions. Our Feasibility Screening tools empower you to collect live data directly from study investigators.
    With more reliable data at your disposal, you can refine the study design as needed and develop more accurate timelines.

  • Doctor showing tablet to female patient and son

    Patient Insights

    Whether your study will succeed depends heavily on accurate patient data.
    Clariness gives you access to the data and analysis tools you need to reconcile your study design with patient survey results and to facilitate forecasting of timeline and budget.

  • Patient enrolling to study

    Patient Recruitment

    When you partner with Clariness, you will benefit from access to tens of millions of patients worldwide via our comprehensive online advertising campaigns and proprietary patient database.
    Our ClinLife Patient Portal receives over 40 million visitors annual from more than 50 countries.

  • Smiling doctor high-fives young patient and father

    Patient Retention

    A strategy focused on retaining patients avoids potentially costly delays.
    Clariness gives you the experienced staff and tools needed to keep patients engaged and active so you don’t have to revisit the recruitment phase.

  • Doctor talking to patient and showing tablet

    ClinLife Registry

    Gain a steady flow of qualified patient referrals by presenting all your studies; from a single trial to an entire portfolio in Europe’s leading patient-centric clinical trial database.

    Discover our new personalized service packages for sponsors and research centers now.