About Us

We accelerate patient recruitment for
clinical trials, to bring new medicines
and treatments to  patients faster

We close the gap between sponsors,
research sites and patients

Closing the gap between patients and clinical research

The number 1 reason for clinical trial delays and failures is inadequate patient enrollment, in fact it is responsible for delaying 86% of clinical trials worldwide. At Clariness, we believe that digital recruitment and engagement, if done right, can solve this problem, by:

  • Improving the public’s willingness to participate in clinical trials through digital outreach
  • Providing a patient-friendly solution to find, understand and apply for trials
  • Engaging and re-engaging with patients to minimize the likelihood of them dropping out of the study

Why us?

While we are not alone in this mission, our combination of 16+ years of experience and a young, diverse team of experts, is the best option available and that is reflected in the trust of our partners. Our data-driven indication-based marketing and double pre-screener ensure that only patients who qualify are referred to the research centre. This reduces the workload and frustration for sponsors, sites and patients alike.


  • Worked with 13/15 largest, global pharmaceutical companies
  • Worked with 7,000+ research sites worldwide & 850+ in Germany
  • Successfully completed 1,200 clinical studies
  • Communicate frequently with 1.3 million registered ClinLife users
  • Explain clinical trials with our ClinLife Patient Blog launched in Germany and Poland
  • 15+ million ClinLife visitors/ years
  • Have recently been awarded by the European Investment Fund to further expand ClinLife

We prioritize a qualitative-based, data-driven approach to our Patient Recruitment, Study Feasibility analysis, Patient’s Insights and our newly launched ClinLife Registry services.

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Company Culture


At Clariness we offer transparency about every step of our service to both partners and patients. From our Privacy Pledge , to our support and managing tools that keep partners informed about our recruitment activities, the details of referrals and overall status of your studies. Transparency is one of the top reasons why clients trust us with their trial recruitment and management services.


Our experienced team consists of doctors, microbiologists, clinical experts, IT-professionals, humanists and marketing experts speaking 35 languages yet driven by one mission: accelerating clinical research. We listen to your needs, formulate an action plan to get your study up and running, all while our site relationship managers work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your study is completed on time – or even ahead of schedule!


Clariness is a modern company driven by a wealth of experience with an eye for innovation. Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve our services and incorporate new methods of patient outreach, communication and trial management.

Clariness throughout the years

Launch of ClinLife

Founding of the company and support of first study in Berlin with ClinLife®.

Meet the Executive Team!


First Expansion

ClinLife® portal in launched outside of Germany in Switzerland & Austria.


First international project

Succesfully supported the first international project outside the DACH-region, in the United Kingdom.


North American Expansion

ClinLife® portal goes live in the United States and reaches 1 million unique visitors in one year milestone.


U.S. Expansion

First U.S. office in Somerville, New Jersey. For questions please fill out the contact form.


10-year anniversary!

Supported over 800 trials, 500,000th registered user worldwide, & accessible in 25 countries.


Viomedo acquisition

Acquisition of German start-up Viomedo, by then the largest dedicated search engine for clinical trials in Germany. Continued expansion in terms of registered users, visitors and supported trials.


China Expansion

The opening of Shanghai office and with the launch of ClinLife in China, it is accessible in 50 countries. Successfully supported the 1000th clinical trial.


Launch of ClinLife Registry

Launch of ClinLife Registry, our patient-centric trial database, facilitating a direct connection between sponsors, sites and qualified patients.

To further expand ClinLife, Clariness received support from the European Union Innovation Fund.


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