Clariness delivers more than 50,000 patient data points to drive YPrime’s customer experience - Clariness

Clariness delivers more than 50,000 patient data points to drive YPrime’s customer experience

Published by Joseph Yeomans on 24 April 2023

Joseph Yeomans
VP Marketing
[email protected]

24 April, 2023

Clariness today announces its support of YPrime’s ongoing commitment to enhance the patient and site eCOA experience, by delivering insights from more than 2,000 patients, in four countries, assessing patient demographics and psychographics.

Assessing the digital behaviors and trial awareness of a diverse international population, Clariness received patient insights across five therapeutic areas, including oncology, immunology, rare diseases, central nervous system, and dermatology.

“The insights Clariness provided were critical to our focus on improving the patient and site experience. For instance, older patients across all indications had a much higher digital literacy level, and higher compliance adherence, than we expected. The volume of responses, and the diversification of patients who provided input, has allowed us to make product enhancement and decisions faster, and with more confidence” said Mark Maietta, President of YPrime.

Clariness was tasked with providing insights from 1,600 patients, gathering data on digital device usage behaviors, app and notification preferences, and previous trial experiences. Clariness delivered insights from over 2,000 patients, in just two months, which could be segmented by patient age, medical condition, education level, ethnicity, spoken language, and more.

Michael Stadler, CEO and Co-Founder of Clariness, commented, “We were happy to support YPrime with these powerful patient insights. The more we learn about patient experiences, preferences, and behaviors, the more we can collectively, as an industry, connect more patients with new medical therapies and treatments, on a global scale, and that’s what we’re here to do.”

About Clariness

Clariness provides high-end services across the clinical trial lifecycle, including study feasibility, patient recruitment, and patient retention services, for pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), and study sites across the globe.

Dedicated to improving patients’ lives by accelerating the development of medical treatments and therapies, Clariness is the leading expert in global patient recruitment with 16+ years’ experience. Clariness has supported over 1,200 clinical trials worldwide through its market leading patient portal ClinLife®, which is active in 50+ countries, available in 35+ languages, covers 80+ indications, and welcomes 15+ million visitors per year.

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About YPrime

YPrime’s eClinical platform streamlines clinical trial data collection and management, creating a powerful, flexible, and scalable solution for patients, sites, and sponsors. YPrime’s eCOA, eConsent, and Interactive Response Technology (IRT) platforms introduce greater speed, precision, and data quality to clinical trials. Our consulting services help clients simplify downstream processes, while moving faster and more efficiently to their next development milestone.

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