Webinar: How protocol optimization can pre empt costly amendments

What you’ll learn from this webinar

With the cost of a single protocol amendment being as high as $500K per amendments, and over half being deemed avoidable, this webinar is aimed to equip study organizers and insights on how to leverage data and save millions through pre-empting these protocol amendments.

Joined by guest speakers from Bayer, Dr. Silke Strommenger, Head of Trial Feasibility & Analytics, and Sven Oechsner, Head of Feasibility Intelligence, we cover how to leverage patient, investigator, expert and performance data to build better study protocol.

More specifically, this webinar covers:

  • Why we need Feasibility, with increasing protocol complexity and amendments
  • Who are the key stakeholder groups (investigator, independent experts, patients, external vendors)
  • Previous feasibility findings with real use cases from Clariness and Bayer
  • Open Q&A with guests