Patient diversity in clinical trials

We are committed to advancing medical research and improving healthcare outcomes for all

Patient diversity in clinical trials

We are committed to advancing medical research and improving healthcare outcomes for all

Increasing trial diversity and accessibility

At Clariness, we believe that diversity is key to driving innovation and progress in healthcare. We strive to recruit participants from all cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and perspectives, and and by helping to recruit these volunteers, we can assist in improving future medical care for everyone.

Building a representative patient profile and creating materials that reflect patient populations

An important step towards more diverse and inclusive clinical trials is a better understanding of who the patients are and the barriers they face. Creating patient profiles from real-world data combined with literature reviews allows us to proactively create solutions specific to each trial.

Erasing (geographical) barriers when reaching out to patients

We use a multichannel approach combined with patient understanding and site engagement to reach a diverse pool of patients. To remove physical barriers in patient recruitment, we conduct our advertising through online channels. Additionally, as not everyone has equal access or proficiency with the internet and technology, we provide print advertising and work with doctors and advocacy groups to reach patients through their trusted healthcare networks.

Our specialized recruitment campaigns allow us to:

  • Reach specific minority groups: based on characteristics, such as location, gender, and racial/ethnic background, as well as online activities, interests, and searches.
  • Engage with online patient communities: through social media and online support groups.
  • Build trust with patients: by working with doctors and advocacy groups.
  • Remove physical barriers: as digital outreach allows us to tailor our geographic range and decrease dependency on physical sites and doctor’s offices.

Giving patients’ voice and tailoring our processes to patient perspectives

Our annual Patient’s Voice Conference brings the patient’s voice to the forefront of the clinical industry. We believe that understanding the patient is a cornerstone of a successful trial.

This event aims to:

  • Understand the patient’s clinical trial journey: by inviting patients, who come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of conditions, to share their unique clinical trial experiences and challenges during the event.
  • Connect patients, sponsors, and sites: by hosting an event for patients to provide feedback and suggestions, this gives sponsors, sites, and medical experts an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the challenges patients face when accessing clinical trials and throughout their trial participation.
  • Help improve future clinical trials: by opening a dialogue between patients and sponsors that highlights the patient’s voice, this helps us to improve our processes and focus on patient needs.

Advancing diversity and inclusion through Decentralized Clinical Trials

We recognize that traditional clinical trial models may not be accessible to all individuals, particularly those from underrepresented communities. By leveraging decentralized technologies and innovative trial designs, we aim to increase participation and reduce barriers to entry. We strive to collaborate with diverse stakeholders, including patient groups and community organizations, to ensure that all individuals have an equal opportunity to participate in research.

Whitepaper: Achieving diversity, equity and inclusion in clinical trials

To gain a deeper understanding on how we can tackle and achieve diversity, equity and inclusion in clinical trials, we examine: 

  • What is diversity?
  • What are potential barriers patients face?
  • What are the solutions to improving DEI in clinical trials?
  • How does Clariness fit in?
  • Our key takeaways

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