Achieving diversity, equity and
inclusion in clinical trials

What you’ll learn from our diversity whitepaper…


+ What is diversity? How do diversity categories overlap and why patient recruitment can never be a one-size-fits-all campaign.

+ Why do barriers to participation overlap? Learn how the framework of intersectionality can help organizers understand how barriers patients face can overlap and what this means for improving representation.

+ What are potential barriers patients face? From historical mistrust to accessibility and lack of understanding, learn how to understand and remove barriers to minority participation.

+ What are the solutions to improving DEI in clinical trials? From alternative study designs, decentralized trials and digital outreach campaigns, learn what solutions are available to improve inclusivity of your clinical trials.

+ How does Clariness fit in? Based on 16+ years of experience with surveys and digital patient recruitment we offer examples of challenges we faced in reaching and enrolling minority populations as well as the solutions we know are effective.

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Improving diversity in clinical trials. Free whitepaper overview.

Diversity and representation is one of the most important societal issues of the last decade and one of the key challenges for clinical research due to new regulations as the 2021 guidance’s by the European Medicines Agency and US FDA. For clinical trials to produce knowledge on the effectiveness (vs efficacy) and safety of new medications and therapies, it is crucial to have more representative study populations. Understanding definitions of diversity, how diversity categories are interconnected and what group specific barriers are there, is crucial to both enroll more minority populations in studies, but also overall to improve public participation in clinical trials.

This free whitepaper is the first comprehensive overview of all facets of patient diversity in clinical trials. It provides readers in 40 pages or 5 chapters with an in-depth understanding of the various topics related to diversity and representation from (1) different definitions and approaches to diversity in clinical trials (2) group specific and general barriers to minority participation and ultimately provides (3) transferable solutions to improve diversity and representation based on recent academic studies and our experience.

Clariness has over 16+ years of experience in identifying and solving diversity barriers through (1) patient-centricity and (2) data-driven digital patient recruitment based on local experience with a global reach.