Obesity patient recruitment for clinical trials

Need help accelerating your study?

Obesity patient recruitment for clinical trials

Need help accelerating your study?

Finding patients for obesity studies isn’t always easy – we know how to find the patients who precisely match the criteria of your trial

While it may seem straightforward to recruit patients with obesity given its widespread prevalence, studies often entail stringent eligibility criteria and require patient cohorts that can be challenging to find. 

At Clariness, our unparalleled expertise in obesity studies distinguishes us from the rest. With over 18 years of experience, we excel in finding and screening the right patients. Leveraging our patient platform, ClinLife®, we’ve successfully randomized over 25,000 patients to date. 

Enhancing patient recruitment on a global scale

Recruiting globally for obese patients is crucial for research and treatment development. It ensures diverse data representation, essential for understanding global variations in obesity prevalence and impacts.

At Clariness, we possess the capability to connect with patients worldwide.

In a recent survey to potential participants that identified as being overweight, 62% expressed interest in participating in a trial for a new weight loss medication. Imagine the potential impact on your patient outreach if you could engage with over 60% of your target audience. 

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Our results speak for themselves

When approached by an international sponsor to support their obesity studies, we eagerly accepted the challenge and thus far delivered outstanding outcomes.

To date, we’ve successfully referred over 150 patients, achieving a 75% reduction in cost per obesity patient compared to the industry standard. This means we’re operating at just 20% of the typical referral cost for an obese patient.*

*This study is ongoing, and final results may vary upon completion.

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Our patient-centric approach to obesity studies

As experts in patient recruitment, we also specialize in designing patient materials that are tailored to meet the needs of your study.

On the right is an example of two distinct study identities we proposed to a client designed to promote their studies.

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