Jakob Schmidt

Jakob Schmidt

Head of Enrollment Success Team

Jakob Schmidt is Head of the Enrollment Management Center at Clariness, providing leadership to our global patient service teams covering 35+ languages. In this position, Jakob and his team are committed to making Clariness the most patient-centric organization in the market by offering outstanding patient service throughout the whole patient journey. He and his team are ultimately responsible for successfully engaging and pre-qualifying patients worldwide. 

Over the last years, Jakob has served in project management, operations, and as a regional MD in politics. He gained extensive experience in optimizing human-centric conversion funnels in different business areas. 

Jakob studied Business Administration and Political Science (M.A.). Moreover, he holds an international MBA with a specialization in Strategic Management. During his MBA program, Jakob focused on funnel conversion optimization by Marketing and Operations Management. Along his way, he did executive education courses at the Institute of Design at Stanford and the Hamburg School of Business Administration. His passion is traveling and hiking (his next target is summiting Kilimanjaro)

“We strive to make Clariness the most patient-centric organization and ClinLife® the platform of choice for patients.”