Accelerate your
clinical trial design

Introducing Clinlytics

Understand your patient population with access to data-driven insights.

Optimize your protocol and boost study feasibility with real-world data and insights, fueled by our access to global patient data.

Access, filter, and leverage more accurate population eligibility and willingness insights

Understand your target patient population on a global scale, by indication

Understand how region and language impacts patient engagement and trial adherence

What we do

Clariness has 16+ years’ experience in clinical trial design and patient recruitment; we understand the impact of inadequate data and enrollment on study timelines. Clinlytics provides instant access to real-world patient data and insights, updated on a regular basis, designed to accelerate your study design and get you to market faster.

Reduce protocol amendments
Accelerate enrollment
Increase retention

Why us?

While we are not alone in patient recruitment, our global experience across all major indications, and our diverse team of trial experts, makes us the first choice for trial acceleration.

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