The Patient’s Voice 2018 

Clariness will host the 3rd annual Patient’s Voice conference. The past two events have been well received by both attendees and the patients who participated. As in the past, there is no cost for you to attend the conference. Clariness is committed to providing you with the opportunity to hear directly from patients and colleagues in a highly interactive format.

We all talk about patient-centric clinical trials, but do we really take into account the impact of clinical trials on patients? When was the last time you involved patients in the design of your protocol? Understanding the needs of the patient can ensure your trial completes on time and on budget. Our Patient’s Voice conference will give you the opportunity to hear from patients who have participated in clinical trials.

Agenda: The conference will be held over a day and a half, providing attendees an opportunity to learn how your peers design and implement patient friendly protocols. Improving trial design results in improved enrollment rate, leading to on budget and on time trial completion.

Day 1:  Half day (afternoon) – will include a Key Note address by Nils Drews, M.D. Clariness’ Chief Medical Officer. This will be followed by a workshop which will allow participants an opportunity to learn how to design a more patient friendly trial.

Day 2: Full day – will include a dozen patients as well as 5 industry speakers who are experts in clinical trial design and operations. There will be presenting information on topics such as:

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