Clariness announces release of ClinLife® Investigator Portal version 2.0

01.22.2018 Somerville, NJ USA – Clariness USA Inc., a global patient recruitment services provider, announces today the release of the ClinLife® Investigator Portal 2.0. The ClinLife ® Investigator Portal is a global platform designed to help study sites and investigators track and manage patient activities for the duration of clinical studies.

The ClinLife® Investigator Portal was developed in-house as an extension to the original ClinLife® patient portal that helps patients worldwide find the most relevant clinical studies suited to specific medical conditions. All available studies are listed by disease area or medical condition and it provides an essential link between the research sites and the people seeking out clinical research studies. ClinLife® is used by thousands of sites and millions of patients every year.

New features of the ClinLife ® Investigator Portal 2.0 include:

The ClinLife® Investigator Portal keeps patients at the forefront of clinical studies by providing clearly organized patient data, and patient notifications and reminders. Customers have said that “the Investigator Portal represents exactly what [we] need for quality work with the patients.” Other professional sites are considering using the ClinLife® Investigator Portal exclusively.

Clariness, the creator of ClinLife® and the ClinLife® Investigator Portal, is a patient-centric global organization, active in over 45 countries, that links together patients and investigator sites. The patient experience is the top priority – speaking the patient’s language to find, engage, and recruit the target trial population using the platform, ClinLife®. The Clariness patient outreach strategy takes a multifaceted approach, to identify and understand the patient, guide them through the recruitment process, and retain them throughout the trial. Clariness excels at rescuing poorly enrolled trials by building recruitment plans that provide a greater ROI. Clariness is built of a team of dedicated, multi-national staff that ensures that patients are treated as human beings and not just a randomized number.

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