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Phase II study for Sjögren’s syndrome drug: Cooperation between SERVIER Than and Clariness

Published by Joseph Yeomans on 12 April 2022

Joseph Yeomans
VP Marketing
[email protected]

12 April, 2022

The internationally active patient recruitment specialist Clariness supports the German subsidiary
SERVIER Forschung-und-Pharma-Entwicklung GmbH of the French pharmaceutical company SERVIER
in the digital recruitment of a clinical trial through the ClinLife portal in Germany.

Primary Sjögren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease that mainly attacks the salivary and lacrimal
glands. Worldwide, about 60 out of 100,000 people are affected by this disease.

“So far, there is no targeted treatment that has proven to be effective. Treatment is therefore
individualized and depends on the type and extent of symptoms. Current treatment options mainly
include the use of symptomatic agents such as tear and saliva substitutes, saliva stimulating
substances and pain medication,” says the French pharmaceutical company SERVIER.

A new drug is currently in development that is a biological therapy using an antibody to suppress the
inflammatory processes that occur in primary Sjögren’s syndrome.

A phase II trial is currently underway to further develop the drug. For this purpose, SERVIER
Forschung- und Pharma-Entwicklung GmbH is cooperating with Clariness, an internationally active
specialist for patient recruitment.

“We are delighted to have signed our first contract with Servier Forschung- und Pharma-Entwicklung
GmbH for our ClinLife Registry product. We are providing patient recruitment support at various
sites in Germany,” says Moritz Kloss, Vice President ClinLife Registry at Clariness. Patient recruitment
with the indication Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome started in the first quarter of 2022.

About SERVIER: Innovation for patients

SERVIER is a privately held, global research-based pharmaceutical company that puts innovative
therapies for patients at the heart of everything it does.

With 21,800 employees, France’s second-largest pharmaceutical company generated revenues of
more than €4.72 billion across 150 countries in 2021. It serves 100 million patients worldwide every
day. SERVIER invests over 20 per cent of its pharmaceutical revenues annually in research and
development of new medicines in the areas of autoimmune diseases, oncology and hematology,
neuro-degenerative and cardiovascular/metabolic diseases.

As one of fifteen globally active research centers, SERVIER Forschung- und Pharma-Entwicklung
GmbH conducts clinical trials in Germany, Austria and Switzerland mainly in the areas of
autoimmune diseases and oncology/hematology. The support of scientific research and funding
awards as well as a high level of social commitment are part of Servier’s fundamental ethical stance

About Clariness GmbH

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Dedicated to improving patients’ lives by accelerating the development of medical treatments and
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Clariness has supported over 1,200 clinical trials worldwide through its market leading patient portal
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