Patient Insights

Bring patients and your protocol in to alignment using real-world data

Understand the Patient Population

Clariness online patient survey tools give you the insight you need to more accurately assess patient availability and eligibility for your protocol and proactively sidestep study bottlenecks.

Know Your Patients

Whether your study will succeed depends heavily on accurate patient data. Clariness gives you access to the data and analysis tools you need to reconcile your study design with patient survey results and to facilitate forecasting of timeline and budget.

Refine Your Protocol

Survey results give you the hard data you need to identify the patients that fit your study upfront as well as any potential protocol bottlenecks, such as I/E criteria.

Countdown to Launch

With global clinical study populations in more than 100 indications, integrated screening and analysis tools, and a dedicated team versed in local languages, Clariness helps you launch your study in the shortest possible timeframe.

Global Reach

We have completed surveys in more than 50 countries. Surveys have ranged in size from 200 to 100,000 respondents. Survey size has ranged from a few questions to over 70 questions. Patient want their voices heard.

Fast Set-Up

Your patient survey requires no IRB/EC approval and can be up and running within just a couple of weeks. Our turnkey patient survey tools plus extensive patient database give your study a headstart.


Our previous patient surveys have resulted in 200 to 100,000 completed questionnaires in a multitude of countries and indications.

Patient Survey Questionnaires

Our branded online patient surveys are written in easily understood terms in your study population’s native language, and are optimized for display on mobile devices. Patients are questioned about:

  • A patient’s willingness to undergo study treatment plan
  • Understand the patient population
  • Patient eligibility for specific protocol
  • Real patient potential of a site