How to overcome business challenges in clinical trials?
Solutions to Manage Challenges in Clinical Research

Intensified Direct Patient Engagement and Site Management Program

Patient Retention & Compliance | Patient Recruitment | Patient Insight Survey

In order to overcome the business challenges most of our clients are facing, we have implemented an Intensified Direct Patient Engagement and Site Management Program. We can help you in solving questions like:

At this point of time, Clariness operations are fully functional across the globe. With patient engagement and site managers on the ground and active in 50+ countries, we are here for you to quickly jump into your critical trial projects.

To support you, especially during this period of extraordinary time, we offer the following extended solutions:

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Patient Retention & Compliance

As multiple sites need to shift their current resources, we offer intensified support to reduce site burden and engage patients.

  1. Customized trial support to manage patient retention and compliance through data collection and creating study-specific content.
  2. Supporting individual sites directly by using our global presence and knowledge.
  3. Engaging with study participants through multiple virtual communication channels.

Patient Recruitment

Supporting you to manage sites and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Site Contact Services
    Reach out to sites directly to understand the impact of COVID-19 on their ability to conduct clinical trials with trial-specific online surveys and/or phone interviews.
  2. Service for Studies that Continue to Recruit
    Close and continuous direct patient communication and guidance through multiple communication channels.
  3. Service for Studies on Hold
    Regular direct contact with patients to maintain a close relationship and keep them interested in study participation.