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We provide the public with free access to clinical trials and help people find the clinical trial of their choice.

Global Reach

Available in 50+ countries with more than 35 languages, ClinLife is truly global. Among the countries with the most website visitors we count Colombia, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Hungary, the US, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine.

Trust in ClinLife

Bringing experience in more than 1000 trials worldwide, ClinLife is known to millions of potential study patients and thousands of sites as an efficient, highly valued system. ClinLife continues to gain trust and popularity every day.

Reliable Technology

All of our clinical trial services are built on our proprietary technology platform ClinLife. We developed ClinLife to provide you with fast, efficient, and reliable delivery of patient recruitment, study feasibility, patient survey and patient retention services.

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ClinLife® website visitors worldwide


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