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In the last 17 years, Clariness has successfully executed patient recruitment campaigns in over 50 countries, spanning 100+ indications.

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  • Elderly patient pleasantly engaging with their caregiver

    Alzheimer’s disease

    Learn how we randomized 1 in 3 referrals for a virtual dementia study, and in another, referred over 1,700 patients, under budget.

  • Arthritis

    Find out how we randomized 2.5x more patients than planned, and in another study randomized patients at 54% of budget.

  • Asthma

    We drove >1.5M visitors to study landing pages, 25% under budget, learn how in our asthma case study.

  • Atopic dermatitis

    In 3 different studies, we reached or exceeded enrollment, with on average, 57% of the planned budgets, read more.

  • Cardiovascular disease

    Our campaigns and screening techniques increase monthly screening productivity by 97%, read how in our cardiovascular disease case study.

  • COPD

    Learn how we generated >1.5M website visitors for a recent COPD study, which contributed 24% of the study’s randomized patients.

  • COVID-19

    Learn how we supported one sponsor with their patient recruitment for their COVID-19 study, reducing their campaign set-up time by 66% to meet timeline demands of the I/E criteria.

  • An older healthier man running through the park


    Learn how one we generated over 1.6 millions ClinLife website visits in one campaign.

  • Endometriosis

    Read how our endometriosis targeting drove high quality, high volume referrals, with 1 in 3 patients passing site-level screening.

  • Depressed man holding his head with both hands

    Major Depressive Disorder

    We successfully enrolled patients at 71% less cost than the study’s previous recruitment vendor, learn how in our major depressive disorder case study.

  • Migraine

    Learn how we doubled one study’s patient enrollment rate, and in another study provided 68% more referrals than initially planned.

  • Doctors planning a successful study

    Patient surveys

    Learn how our online patient survey tools have provided trial driving insights across 20 different indications.