How to list your studies on ClinLife®

An easy guide for study organizers

How to list your studies on ClinLife®

An easy guide for study organizers

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What is ClinLife®?

ClinLife® is a platform that connects patients with matching clinical trials, available in 50+ countries, 35+ languages, and used by leading sponsors across the globe.

How can my studies benefit from this?

  • List any number of studies in your target countries
  • Add any number of participating sites
  • Increase the awareness of your trials and give patients easy access to your trials
  • Recruit patients across any indication
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We connect patients, sites and sponsors on ClinLife®

All services and stakeholders, on one compliant platform.

Patient portal:

  • Mobile and patient optimized
  • Focused on patient pre-qualification

Site portal:

  • Easy and simple to reduce burden for the site staff
  • Built based on feedback from your sites to ensure highest patient conversion

Sponsor portal:

  • Transparent and real-time visibility to keep track on your trials
  • Data centralized at one place

How our patient recruitment process works

In this video, we take you on a journey, outlining every step of our patient recruitment journey, from the initial research phase to randomizations.

Our aim is to provide a complete understanding of the process that goes into building and executing a successful patient recruitment campaign.

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Reduced workload for sites and study teams

Clariness does the heavy lifting, so your teams and sites don’t have to.

For study teams:

  • Send over core study details to Clariness (details needed listed later)
  • Attend a one-time, 15-30 min briefing call with Clariness
  • Review study info on ClinLife® and provide us with the “go-live”

Time: 30 minutes

For sites:

  • Accept a one click e-vite to activate the site on ClinLife®
  • Receive and follow-up with pre-qualified patient referrals*

Time: 1 minute

*Training material and video incl. In welcome email incl. contract details of site management

Overview of the listing and referral process

From briefing to recruiting, in as short as 2 weeks…​

List your study on ClinLife®

Simply contact us to get started