Industry know-how and analysis

Learn more about patient centricity, the state of patient recruitment and
site/patient relationship development.

  • Patient recruitment for cardiovascular disease clinical trials

    In this free whitepaper, you’ll learn:

    + The major barriers to clinical trial participation faced by patients with cardiovascular disease and how trial organizers can overcome them

    + A deeper look into specific challenges of patient recruitment for peripheral arterial disease, heart failure, and stroke & transferable solutions

    + Enrollment strategies for elderly patients, female patients, and other groups underrepresented in cardiovascular disease trials 

    + Examples from our own patient recruitment experience for 70+ cardiovascular disease studies & how our data-driven screener in some recent studies ensured that over 50% of our referrals were randomized

  • Achieving diversity, equity and inclusion in clinical trials

    An in-depth look at understanding and overcoming barriers to patient participation.

    + What is diversity?

    + Why do barriers to participation overlap? 

    + What are potential barriers patients face? 

    + What are the solutions to improving DEI in clinical trials? 

    + How does Clariness fit in? 

  • Centralized patient recruitment whitepaper ipad mockup

    Centralized Patient Recruitment – How To Develop And Scale Your Patient Recruitment Strategy

    In this free whitepaper, we have analyzed the global patient population and a multitude of international clinical trials so you can benefit from this data.

  • Top 5 challenges in global patient enrollment – how to solve them!

    In this free whitepaper, we share results from our in-depth study of 812 respondents that aimed to get exclusive insights from key stakeholders including biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), and site investigators.

  • How partnering with a 3rd party provider can benefit your clinical study

    In this whitepaper, we show the variety of obvious and hidden benefits of involving a consultant or partner early on in the process of planning and designing an effective study protocol.

  • Find out how to optimize your study design for Type II Diabetes trials

    In this free whitepaper, we lay out some facts and statistics surrounding clinical trial recruitment for type 2 diabetes studies and explain how partnering with Clariness can ensure you never miss another recruitment deadline when it comes to endocrinology research.