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At Clariness, we work on the premise that no two clinical trials are the same. While others fixate on the quantity of patient referrals, we go to great lengths to understand the target indication, how it impacts the study population and refer only the patients and volunteers that meet our clients’ exacting criteria.

This proven methodology improves patient enrollment and retention rates, which is why we have been entrusted with patient recruitment studies for 13/15 leading pharmaceutical companies, across 7,000+ research centers.

We have supported 1,200+ clinical trials across all major indications

For each individual study we support, we create a detailed targeting approach based on the needs of our partners, various feedback meetings about the study procedure, and the specific patient population of our target indication. This approach has allowed us to successfully support more than 1,200 clinical trials across all major indications, reaching the required number of patients either on time, or ahead of schedule.

On our therapy pages below, you will find a summary of the latest research on patient recruitment within each indication, learn more about our indication-specific experience and expertise, and how we support decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), trial diversity and more.


Our core indications

We’ve supported trials spanning 100+ indications; if your indication isn’t listed below, please contact us to learn more about our wider experience.

  • Elderly patient pleasantly engaging with their caregiver

    Alzheimer’s disease

    We have supported 10+ international trials and developed targeted campaigns and screeners for both patients and caregivers, in multiple locations and languages.
  • Mother helping her daughter use her nebulizer


    Knowing asthma impacts patients of all ages, we have developed techniques to enroll patients of all ages, one study recruited patients from 4 to 80 years old.

  • Atopic dermatitis

    We have performed patient recruitment for over 20 atopic dermatitis trials, from Phase I to IV (including both adult and adolescent patients).

  • Young woman holding breast cancer ribbon

    Breast cancer

    Only 5% of the patients with breast cancer take parts in clinical trials. Having successfully supported 15 breast cancer trials in recent years, we know how to close this gap.

  • Mature patient using an oxygen mask at home


    With experience of 30+ studies from Phase I to Phase III, we have verified COPD study feasibility and delivered documentation, protocols and of course, patients.

  • Woman receiving a COVID-19 vaccination


    Everything about patient recruitment, retention, and dropout in COVID19-clinical trials, locally and across the globe.

  • An older healthier man running through the park


    We have supported 50+ studies from Phase I to Phase III across the globe. In a single campaign, we attracted over 3 million visits to trial-specific landing pages.

  • Depressed man holding his head with both hands


    Depression is estimated to affect 264 million people worldwide, yet clinical trial organizers still face major problems with recruiting patients for depression studies. Our patient-centric digital approach solves this problem.