ClinLife Registry

The patient-centric recruitment
platform for clinical trials

Build a steady flow of patient referrals

ClinLife Registry facilitates a direct connection between sponsors, sites and qualified patients, by bringing them together in one patient-centric online-platform.


Patient-friendly platform leads to higher participation

Existing platforms are hard to understand. ClinLife Registry, developed in collaboration with patients, presents all information in lay language, leading to higher engagement and participation over time.

One platform for all your studies

Build a steady flow of patient referrals for all your trials at once.

Reduce workload for sites

Receive real-time reporting on ongoing recruitment, incoming referrals, trial & site performance.

Let’s accelerate your digital patient recruitment & create easy, patient-friendly access to your clinical trials.

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How does it work?

1. Listing: ClinLife Registry let sites and sponsors present their clinical trials: from a single study to entire portfolio’s.

2. Finding: Patients find ClinLife through organic search or indication specific ads.

3. Screening: After completing a pre-screener, trials for their indication are listed.

4. Secure environment: Patient data is transferred to sites following GDPR principles.

5.  Participating: Patients participate and stay in touch afterwards through our indication-based newsletter.

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Differences to Active Recruitment

ClinLife Registry’s subscription-based model is a predictable constant in the budget, providing a steady stream of referrals. It can be complemented by Clariness’ project-based Active Recruitment, for trials with very specific in- and exclusion criteria or those towards the end a recruitment phase.

What sites say

“We struggled to reach our target sample size for our clinical trial and spent lots of time and efforts on recruiting participants. Now that we registered our trial on ClinLife, it’s a bit like magic – we don’t have to do anything and suddenly, we have a list of interested participants!”

– Dr. Laura Blauth, FHWS (Germany)

“We love the Investigator Portal. We prefer it over any of the other screening options, because you [Clariness] do the pre-screen and get a lot of information for us, before we contact them. It really helps us as we’re a tiny department that does a lot, so anything that helps is appreciated.”

– Rebecca Wirth, Clinical Research Center at Miami Valley Hospital (United States of America) 

What patients say

“I never actually click on advertisements, but this one really interested me. So my personal profiling was perfect. After I clicked, I filled out the form and applied for the clinical trial for my disease. It turned out that the study site was close to me, only 2 kilometres away.”

– Eric*, 2021 Patient’s Voice participant

“I was very sad when I found out  that I couldn’t take part in the study. It just felt like another missed opportunity. If you identify someone like me who is willing to participate but is unable to participate at that time, you should give them a chance later on. If there was a central register listing studies and the criteria, that would also be a great opportunity for research.”

– Mary, 2021 Patient’s Voice participant
*At the request of the participant name is anonymized.

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