Global Patient Insights during COVID-19 – Effects on Patient Wellbeing

The global health crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in ways no one could have anticipated. We live in extraordinary times with lots of challenges. We have to constantly adapt and make compromises due to ever-changing rules and regulations, which now form part of our daily lives.

Many people experience negative effects on their general wellbeing. It is harder to connect with other people and to socialize. Confined to our homes, we need to find new ways to stay physically active, which is important not only for our physical but also our mental health.

Healthcare systems have at times been on the brink of collapse. Even for the most developed nations, an upkeep of (both COVID-19- and non-COVID-19-related) patient healthcare has been a serious challenge. 

Health, happiness, comfort, security and safety play into our general wellbeing. We at Clariness strongly believe that it is important to understand what patients think during these challenging times. That’s why we conducted a survey in which we asked more than 17,000 patients from 21 countries:

How much does the coronavirus crisis affect your wellbeing?

These are some of the insights we gathered:

  • When we compared our survey results by age, we encountered a big surprise! 76% of people over the age of 75 years said their wellbeing is affected either “not at all” or “a little”, compared with 57% in the “less than 30 years” age group. The same trend can be observed in all age groups in between – the older you are, the less likely you will say your wellbeing is affected. This is particularly surprising because age is considered a risk factor for developing severe COVID-19 symptoms and death.
  • When looking at regional differences, we found that 60% of patients in Latin America feel their general wellbeing is affected either “a lot” or “very much”, compared with ≈30% of patients in North America and Europe. Furthermore, patients with chronic health conditions in Latin America particularly fear that they will not be able to pay for healthcare due to problems caused by the pandemic.
  • Patients with chronic health conditions face increased challenges during the pandemic considering their dependance on a functioning healthcare system. We found that the majority of these patients are worried that their chronic health condition makes them more vulnerable to COVID-19. With that in mind, it’s even more surprising that we found no big difference between the general wellbeing of patients regardless of whether they have a chronic health condition or not.


A complete infographic covering all the data discussed can be downloaded here for free.

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