Patient Retention

Keep your patients in your study and ensure you meet your study goals

Looking for Strategies to Keep Patients Engaged?

Patients are more likely to complete a study when they have a close relationship with their site. Clariness’s site support helps you establish and maintain strong relationships with patients throughout the study.

Invest in Patient Engagement

A strategy focused on retaining patients avoids potentially costly delays. Clariness gives you the experienced staff and tools needed to keep patients engaged and active so you don’t have to revisit the recruitment phase.

Motivation & Monitoring

Patient education materials and notifications written in local languages help motivate patients to complete your study. In addition, our multilingual team monitors dropout rates and provides individual follow-up for underperforming sites.


Our patient retention tool will help to engage your patients and stay in contact during the entire clinical trial process.

Patient Retention Tools

We offer you the following activities to help you to keep your patients engaged:

  • Appointment reminder tools (email, phone, text messages)
  • Patient education and support materials in native languages
  • Study-related material and newsletters
  • Unique study name and custom logo