Clariness “takes steps” to support a new school

School Ghana

Clariness believes that education is a key step to success.

For the past 7 years, Clariness has supported education projects in a remote village near Sunyani, Ghana. Many of the inhabitants of the village lack even the basic necessities like running water and electricity, things many of us take for granted. The children often walk on average 4 miles each day to go to school. In 2013, Clariness provided funding for the replacement of the old school building, which allowed about 100 kids to have a proper school building in which to study.

In 2019, Clariness senior management challenged the associates to “take steps” to help provide the kids with a second school building as the first building had already reached its capacity. After breaking up into 3 teams, each Clariness team member was provided with a step counter. The teams really “stepped-up” to the challenge. People got off the train a stop early, parked at the way back of the lot, and took a turn around the neighborhood at lunchtime to add a few more steps.

At the end of the competition, the team with the highest step count was provided with some extra time off. In addition, Clariness made a substantial donation to fund the building of the second schoolhouse.

Clariness is pleased to announce that the second school building is ready to receive its new class of 100 students.

We´re very proud of our team supporting the new school building which will allow more children to obtain a good start on their education journey.”, says Michael Stadler, Co-Founder of Clariness, who has visited the school twice to view the progress of the building and meet with some of the educators and children. “When we first came here in 2013, there was an old school that was dilapidated and falling down. Now we see those two buildings and we very glad that we could support this project and improve the lives of the children.” added Michael Stadler.

Ghana school