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Clariness welcomes partnerships with researchers, industry groups, digital applications, and patient organizations

We are committed to improving patients’ clinical trial experiences by listening to participants, sharing knowledge and best practices, and reflecting on existing clinical trial procedures in collaboration with a number of strategic partners.

Learn more about our existing partnerships below, or enquire about becoming a Clariness partner.

Patient organizations

We amplify the patient’s voice by partnering with a diverse support network


Logo for the national patient organization for atopic dermatitis in Germany

Bundesverband Neurodermitis

Between 10-15% of Germans are diagnosed with neurodermatitis – other allergies and skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, and atopic dermatitis are also widespread. For 35+ years, the Bundesverband Neurodermitis continues to support patients by providing reliable information and helping them connect with other patients and experts in the field.


LebensHeldin e.V.

LebensHeldin e.V. is the first women’s health non-profit organization dedicated to mental healing after a breast cancer diagnoses. With the book, “You are the heroine of your life” (“Du bist die Heldin deines Lebens”), the organization wants to give courage, strength, and confidence to the >70,000 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer in Germany each year.


Digital applications for patients

Tools and apps that support patients during their treatment


Mika is a digital application (“DiGa – Digitale Gesundheitsanwendung”), covered by insurance, that creates a link between doctors and patients outside of standard check-ups. Cancer patients can document their daily symptoms, medications, and side effects in the app, and receive useful recommendations based on the information provided. Currently, Mika is only available in German.


Nia Health 

Nia Health develops medical software and digital applications for patients and professionals from the dermatology and allergology therapeutic areas. Nia Health is on a mission to provide highly engaging, personalized patient experiences that removes barriers to health access, promotes positive behavioral changes, and enables clinicians to offer more personalized care via remote patient monitoring.


Research cooperation

We create co-authored content and share our know-how with industry professionals


Research Experts Alliance

Research Experts Alliance (REA) supports start-ups and small to medium-sized companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device technology industries. They are committed to education and the advanced training of site and clinical research professionals. REA offers comprehensive training programs and workshops.



nextevidence has a dedicated focus on patients, physicians, and trial site professionals. The application enables a new dimension of patient data and allows more targeted care and personalized treatment.


Become a Clariness partner

Clariness is always seeking and open to new partnerships with patient organizations, research groups, and industry professionals. We value partners that drive sharing industry-wide knowledge and are committed to improving patients’ well-being and experiences.

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