About Us

We accelerate clinical trials so you can speed up drug development

What Drives Us

At Clariness, our mission is to bring medical innovations to market faster by accelerating clinical trials.

While we are by no means alone in this mission, we believe we are the best choice for ensuring timely completion of your trial. Our confidence derives in part from the experiences recounted by multiple sponsors who have enlisted our patient recruitment and analysis services to rescue faltering trials initiated elsewhere.

When you choose Clariness, you gain access to our winning combination of smart people, smart data, and smart technology. We are a team of dynamic, inquisitive and diverse individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for developing innovative, web-based trial feasibility and recruitment applications, including the pioneering ClinLife® turnkey patient portal. We take pride in continually improving and adapting our services by incorporating new technologies and processes to better support the needs of our clients.

With an established worldwide network of patients and investigators and sound business practices that have garnered a 93% approval rate following initial EC/IRB submission, Clariness has everything you expect from a global patient recruitment company, and everything you need to keep your trial on track.

Where We’ve Been

The Beginning

Company foundation Germany.
First ClinLife® portal in Berlin.

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First Expansion

ClinLife® portal in Germany, CH, Austria


International Studies

First International project.


North American Expansion

ClinLife® portal goes live.


U.S. Expansion

First U.S. office.

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Demand Triples

Experience in 800 trials, 42 countries, and 28 languages.


Company Culture


Clariness provides the support and tools necessary to keep you informed about the status of your trial every step of the way. Transparency is one of the top reasons why clients trust us to deliver exceptional clinical trial recruitment and management services.


Our experienced staff quickly formulates an action plan to get your study up and running, while our site relationship managers work hand-in-hand with you and closely monitor investigator sites to ensure your study is completed on time — or even ahead of schedule!


Boost patient enrollments and improve ROI by leveraging our established expertise in more than 50 countries and 35 languages. In the first half of 2014 alone, our ClinLife® patient portal drew 10.3 million visitors from more than 30 different countries on 6 continents.